Friday, October 14, 2011

I miss you little sis!!!

Rasha went to Thailand yesterday and I cannot stand it one minute. I feel like crying all the time I try to pretend I'm fine and normal but inside I feel dead. I CAN'T wait for her to come back.

Anyway ever since we were little if we had to travel apart we'd make a letter of all the stuff we did at that time just like a diary and give it to eachother. It's fun to read on the plane unless you're the one left behind then it makes things alot worse for you hehehe.


It has been a long time since we were apart so writing a diary letter was a lot harder this time. 

Rasha's letters are always very neat and well thought through while mine are messy and weird...

Most of the things we write are not understandable, they're not in codes but I guess because they're inside jokes or things we don't need to explain to eachother...nobody would understand them. We usually draw comic styled stories of the events that happened to us but a picture for each story.

From time to time we like to look back at our earlier letters because they're hilarious and we were really weird back then but a lot cooler than we are now (assuming we are cool hehehe)

I think this idea started back when we were chipmunks, whenever my father came back from a business trip all my siblings and I would make him greetings cards. It was lots of fun so I guess Rasha and I just never stopped hehehe.

My father, mother, uncle, brother and Rasha all went to this trip and I miss them all...hope their stay is filled with happiness and may Allah protect them and send them back safely...I LOVE YOU LA FAMILIA!!!


  1. Miss them all too ... May Allah bring them all back safe ... Inshallah

  2. :'''( I miss you too...both of you!
    Thailand is so beautiful but I want to come back :(
    It's hot but not as much as Oman...and it rains a lot, which is nice...when you're indoor hahaha.
    BTW Noora...your letters are always nicer and much funnier...mine look like they're a last minute thing (even when they're not).

  3. Salaam Alikum Sister :)
    It's been so long..I hope you're ok and doing fine
    Today I was in Ruwi and I came across DAISO..I immediately remembered you :). I was with my friend and told him lets go and have a look..It's amazing..all Japanese products..I received a hot welcome from Japanese Man..My friend told me how come I know a place like this..hahaha
    I bought some stuff..but I wish if i knew how to read Japanese, because some or I'll say all of the products are in Japan language :)

    Anyway please take care sister ;)

  4. By the way sister, Why you didn't go to Thailand with them!....It's good practice to write a diary and share it to other :)

    Wishing ya a HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance sister ;)

  5. Hey Mundhir sorry for the late reply =P I haven't checked here for a while hehhee

    I'm happy that you liked a place I recommended...I haven't been there for a few months so I need to go back XD

    I didn't go with them to Thailland because I thought it was a 10 day trip and I couldn't be bothered to pack for a trip that short =B

    Anyway Rasha came earlier than the others so I was satisfied hehehhe but I would never again say no -____-"

  6. Hey sister Noora, How are you doing? It's been really awhile long, I hope everything is ok. I see no updates..I tried to contact you via your twitter account, but could not find it.Guess you deleted it! I hope you and everyone else are ok. If you read this, please reply. May Allah protect you. Hope to hear from you soon sister, take care ;)